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How Much Does Property Management Cost in Sacramento?

 Today we are talking about the cost of having your property professionally managed in Sacramento. There are two different scales in our area. Some property managers will charge a flat fee of between $85 and $125 per month, and other property managers will charge a percentag...

Smoke Detector Law is Changing

Smoke Alarms  Installation, Testing, and Maintenance  California’s Health and Safety Code requires that on or before January 1, 2016, all residential buildings must be equipped with a smoke alarm in each bedroom and other sleeping room. Those smoke alarms must ...

It looks like a good time to buy!

Happy Summer to everyone,   I thought I would share some information with you which I obtained while doing some research for a real estate investment group. Yes a real estate investment group, much like a stock club or investment group but these people put their monies toge...
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