Our Guarantees

rent Guarantee

Rent with Confidence Guarantee

While KTB Property Management uses the highest level of screening in the industry to place the most qualified tenants in your investment, there is that rare occasion when bad things happen to good people. Loss of a job, a bankruptcy, an unexpected divorce, health problems occur. Unfortunately, the list can go on.

But not to worry, KTB Property Management will guarantee your monthly rent payment. We give you the peace of mind that, no matter what the situation is, you will be paid.

Pricing is included with your chosen Management service. Ask your Property Manager for all the details.

move in Guarantee

25-day Leasing Guarantee

KTB Property Management will guarantee that we will find a quality tenant for your home in 25 days or less or the first two months of management fees are absolutely free!

These are our conditions for the 25 Day Leasing up Guarantee:

  • KTB Property Management will set - and have final say - on the Rental rate for the property.
  • The home must be vacant and ready to place on the market.
  • Must allow a maximum of 2 Pet Screening for approved pets.
  • The home must be professionally cleaned and free of all repairs. We can assist with this; day one starts upon completion of everything.

Many owners ask how long will it take to find a qualified tenant? Many owners fear it will take 30, 60 or even 100 days to find a qualified tenant.

Well, we wanted to put your minds at ease. KTB Property Management will guarantee that we will find the right tenant for your home within 25 days, or we waive your management fees for the first 2 months.

Try running that by the competition!

Eviction Guarantee

Eviction Guarantee

The last thing you want to deal with at your investment property is a tenant not paying their rent, leading to an eviction.

With that said, KTB Property Management is so confident in our tenant screening process that, with qualifying plans, we guarantee you will not have to pay any out-of-pocket expenses if an eviction occurs.

Thanks to our screening process - some say the best in the industry - evictions are such a rare occurrence at KTB Property Management that we are going to cover the cost, if it happens, under the Gold or Platinum plan!

  • The last time KTB Property Management went to court to evict a tenant that we placed in one of our managed home’s was 2015!
  • We will pay up to $895.00 of the legal fees to have the tenant removed.
  • We have some to the most stringent screening guidelines in the industry.
Pet Guarantee

Pet Guarantee

As you may know, 65% of all households have a pet. Thus, indicating “no pet” for your rental investment will shrink the market of qualified tenants. We here at KTB Property Management are also aware of that percentage, so we have made it easy for you to allow pets at your investment property. At an extra charge to you, KTB Property Management will guarantee your home will not become damaged by any approved animal. When we allow a pet into your investment, we require the pet to be correctly vetted through PetScreening.com. Making sure the pet, and the tenant, will be a good fit at the property. And here is a bonus: KTB Property Management will inspect the property twice a year at no expense to you, the owner. We will charge the tenant for the inspection and the privilege of having a pet.

  • KTB Property Management will pay for any damages exceeding the security deposit caused by an approved animal.
  • We screen each animal through PetScreening.com.
  • You will receive $25 a month in Pet Rent.
  • We will inspect the property two times a year at the tenant’s expense.
  • $1,000 of included free damage coverage.
Property Code Compliance Guarantee

Property Code Compliance Guarantee

With our “Property Code Compliance Guarantee” you can rest assured that your property is up to current property code requirements, registration, and safety ordinances for the municipality in which it is located.

One of the reasons you hired a professional property manager is because you do not know all the local and state Landlord/Tenancy Codes. At KTB Property Management we pride ourselves in staying abreast of all local and state code modifications and changes. We have such strict measures in place to ensure that your investment is continually up to current local and state property codes that we guarantee its compliance.

Just a few of the many items we cover:

  • Smoke Detectors, California Health & Safety Code § 13113.7
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors, California Health & Safety Code § 13260–13263
  • Compliance with the City and County of Sacramento’s Rental Housing Inspection Program (RHIP), KTB Property Management is Certified with both the city and the county.
  • Compliance with the City of Citrus Heights’s Rental Housing Inspection Program (RHIP), KTB Property Management is Certified with the city.
  • Proper registration of your investment in the Municipality in which it is located.

During our management of the property, if the property is not up to current property code regarding the sections mentioned above, KTB Property Management will cover the cost of correcting the code issue and any fines associated up to $500.00.