Our $555 Real Estate Agent Referral Program

Hello and Welcome Licensed Realtors®!

Agent Referral

Let KTB Property Management be your resource for property management services and receive a $555.00 Referral Fee.

If you are a Licensed Realtor® you should be taking advantage of this offer. Have a client that needs help managing their property?

Refer them to us and receive a $555.00 Referral Fee as soon as they sign a management agreement with us. We will GUARANTEE the return of the referred client back to you - the referring Realtor® - when that client decides to sell. Upon continuing your working relationship with your client once more, we will ensure that the home is in the same quality condition - if not better - as when you left it.

We also pride ourselves on forging and protecting the friendships that you have built with your clients: we value a high level of communication and you can trust us to sustain those relationships as if they were our own. As a full-service property management company, KTB offers tenant screening, repairs, a wide range of marketing across various mediums; all from a team of professionals that handle our clients with compassion and expertise.

KTB Property Management strives for innovation, and we make use of the most popular current technology to bring the very best to everyone we serve.

Use the online form to refer your client. Or you can download the fillable PDF version and submit that to: bob@ktbpropertymgmt.com.

PDF Version

Upon the home being rented and a current management agreement or lease is signed, a one-time fee of $555.00 will be paid to the Realtor’s® brokerage by KTB Property Management.

We will call the client and introduce ourselves. Please notify your client prior to this and send them along to our website at: http://ktbpropertymgmt.com

KTB Video: Our Referral Program
If you are a licensed Realtor you should be taking advantage of this offer. Be sure to watch the short video on how easy it is to refer clients and partner with us.Are you a hard-working real estate professional who always looks out for your client’s best interests? Do you occasionally find the market is not cooperating with your cl...

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