Why Choose KTB Property Management?

Here is a description of our leasing and management services:

Summary of Leasing Services

Whether we manage it, or you manage it, our leasing program is second to none in the Greater Sacramento Region

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Here's a run-down of our Summary of Leasing Services:

  1. Pre-Marketing Issues

    • We review the rental market conditions in Sacramento on a weekly basis, "We know the Market."
      • Rental market conditions vary depending on the time of year, of course the economy and swings in the Sacramento real estate market. We can give you perspective on where the rental market is today and where it is headed tomorrow.
      • The amount of rental inventory on the market in your area influences how much rent you can expect. Too much inventory on the market drives rental rates down. Together we will look at the current inventory on the market in your area before we set the rental rate.

    • How much rent can you get today?
      • We will provide you with rental rates and information from various sources focusing in on your area and investment. At the same time we will be researching prominent local and national rental websites. Setting the rent right in the beginning will dramatically affect your vacancy time. We will provide you with the facts and then set the rent.
      • You can search your own rental comps or fill out this form to request comps and we will do it for you.

    • Making the property rent ready is critical.
      • Before we begin marketing your property it must be “rent ready”. First impressions really do matter. Here's what it means to have your property rent ready.
        • Less time on the market means more rental revenue in your pocket.
        • Tenants love to see clean and well maintained homes. They do not want to deal with problems either.
        • Pride of ownership will yield a quality tenant every time.

    • Obtain a quality Landlord/Owner insurance policy.
      • Tell your insurance agent what your intentions are and seek they professional advise.
      • Be sure you have an “All Risks Provision” in your landlord policy.
      • Extended liability coverage is critical. Personal Umbrella policies and Commercial Umbrella policies are reasonable and a must for landlords. It's better to be safe than asking questions down the road.

  2. Marketing the Property

  3. You can spend a small fortune advertising your rental property on your own, or you can take advantage of our marketing expertise and allow us to find you a quality, well qualified applicant.

    • “For Rent” signs generate 10% to 15% of our applications.
      • We have “for rent” signs throughout the greater Sacramento region in front of numerous homes at any one time. Marketing such a large inventory of property generates drive-by callers and does rent a number of homes.

    • Unlike most of our competition, we market your home to the rest of the real estate industry, and the public, by providing to Realtors weekly updates of available properties.
      • We expose your investment to over 3,000 greater Sacramento Realtors.
      • Cooperating with the local real estate industry has always paid off big for KTB Property Management. Most area property managers are not members of the local Board of Realtors, or encourage local Real Estate Agents to show their active listings.
      • Other agents show and lease KTB Property Management homes regularly.
      • 10% to 15% of our tenants come from outside agents referring their clients to KTB Property Management.
      • After years of operating in the Sacramento market, agents know that KTB Property Management handles quality rental properties at competitive rental rates.

    • Internet advertising and website exposure is critical. We are constantly adding and dropping sites as their ratings rise and fall in popularity. Hosting services go out of business every day. New ones start up over-night claiming they have lots of money to dominate the rental property-hosting market. It’s a part-time job just keeping track of all the options.
      • Local and national rental hosting websites account for 65% to 75% of our tenant applicants.
      • There are plenty of competitors in this market and it’s changing constantly.
      • KTB Property Management contracted with many of these sites and will add your property on those that attract the most hits by renter inquiries.
      • Internet advertising is a moving target. Sites that are on top today don’t even show up tomorrow. Ask how we market your property to see where all our active rental listings are located.

    • Showing Properties 7 days a week
      • Our rental coordinators are willing to show property seven days a week and are available at any time to help tenants find just the right house.
      • Showing the property when tenants want to see it is a real challenge. We pride ourselves on being flexible with our schedules. The sooner the home is leased the happier the owner will be.
      • Our rental coordinators along with a team of Realtors are the key to our success at getting homes rented quickly at top rental rates.

  4. Checking Out the Applicant

  5. We receive numerous applications a month.

    • On every application we pull a credit report, we verify employment and income, and confirm their rental history.
    • We evaluate the information and look for the best possible applicant for the property. If need be we will require larger security deposits and/or co-signers.
    • After approving thousands of applicants and making a few errors along the way, we’ve learned what to look for and what is a red flag. "A quality investment desires a quality tenant" that's our goal!

  6. Signing the Lease

  7. Approved applicants sign a six-page lease along with 10 Addendums to the lease; all of which is for your protection.

    • We have adjusted and modified these documents for nearly 20 years.
    • It gets further revisions as needed and as we receive information from the Rental Housing Assoc and our local attorneys.
    • You get the very best lease contract that money can buy, established by thousands of tenant experiences.

  8. Re-key the property

  9. Providing the tenant with a secure property means locking out all the past tenants, agents, relatives, neighbors, contractors, and cleaning people.

    • Just before the tenant moves in, KTB Property Management will have the property re-keyed by a licensed California Locksmith.
    • Safety is of the utmost importance, plus we will provide you with the receipt just in case of an insurance issue arising.

  10. Moving the Tenant In

  11. The purpose of the move-in inspection is to document the condition of the property prior to the tenant taking possession.

    • We orient the tenant and prepare them to take over the property.
    • We log appliance manufacturers, models and colors.
    • We identify smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, water shut off, panel boxes, window and door locks.
    • We require the carpets to be professionally cleaned before the tenant moves in. At move out KTB Property Management will have the carpets professionally cleaned and the fee deducted from the tenants security deposit
    • The tenant signs off, gives us a security deposit, and we give them keys.
    • A good move-in inspection takes at least an hour, but if done right, can prevent future management issues.
    • The move-in inspection sets the standard for withholding the security deposit. If the move out inspection which is required by California law does not meet those standards, we then can withhold prior to returning a security deposit. We have 21 days by law to get the security deposit back to the tenant.

KTB Property Management can lease your property and “allow you to manage it” or we can “professionally manage it for you”. To get started, complete the form on this page.

Summary of Management Services

You can manage your own property or let our trained professional staff of experienced managers do it for you. We have the expertise to keep you and KTB out of trouble, and keep your property profitable.

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  1. How We Manage the Tenant

    • Our primary job - Enforcing the Terms of the Lease
      It’s a full time job to get tenants to do what they have agreed to do in their lease. Most tenants are great while others not so much. Whether it’s paying rent, keeping up the lawn, requesting maintenance, or renewing their lease, once they move in they want to do things their own way, not ours. Property management is a challenging demanding business and takes vigilance and determination. Our primary job is enforcing the lease and getting tenants to follow the rules. If tenants did what they agreed to do, you would not need KTB Property Management.

    • Collecting Rent
      We offer our tenants several rent payment options including ACH accounts, on-line banking, credit card payment and scan personal checks. Rent is due on the 1st and late on the 3nd of the month. A 3-day Pay or Quit letter (the beginning of the eviction process) is sent on the 5th or 6th, day of the month. Filings with the county court house are done by our attorney on the 9th to 11th. If we need to go to court it will take between 30-45 days depending on the time of year and court schedules. Every county is different: some are slower than others. We are dealing with county government, and speed is not their primary concern. Starting the eviction early, and pushing the process hard, is the key to getting tenants to face reality with the same sense of urgency that we do. Our job is to get the job done as quickly as possible keeping you informed throughout the process.

    • Collecting bounced checks
      We have installed check scanners to reduce the problems of NSF checks. We scan all rent checks and the bank processes them very quickly. Some checks still come back, but our owners almost never know about it because the checks are processed so quickly.

    • Managing safety issues
      We are familiar with safety issues relating to smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, deadbolts, mold, lead based paint, house fires, break-ins, etc. you name it, we have learned over the years how to handle it. KTB Management has seen it all and knows how to handle and who to call to handle every possible situation.

    • Handling move-out inspections and battles over security deposits
      California is a tenant friendly state and has strict laws that regulate how move-out inspections are done and how security deposits are to be returned to the tenant (or pass on to the owner). Security Deposits must be returned within 21 days of receiving the keys. Strict compliance with timelines and procedures, set out by the state, will produce a smooth return of funds to the tenant. Managing the tenant is a people challenge, an enforcement challenge, and a compliance challenge. It takes vigilant staff and constant adherence to the law, the lease and the rules of customer service. Few do it well. KTB Property Management does it exceptionally well.
  2. How We Manage the Property

    • I'm here to say that your investment is going to "break" from time to time no matter how well it was built. If you are a homeowner, you know it is an ongoing process to keep everything in good working order. Appliance seals leak and fail, window caulk cracks, a/c systems fail and garbage disposals burn out. The process is in knowing how to instruct the tenant on how to handle the situation, when to call a contractor, and following up on the needed repair. Ignoring maintenance is never the answer.

    • Managing maintenance issues
      Getting a Licensed Contractor to do things in Sacramento “for a discount price” is not realistic. Some managers have “in-house” maintenance departments. KTB Property Management does not. We maintain an intensive list of licensed and insured vendors that currently do over $5,000 a month of our work for us. We get a wonderful response from these vendors because we represent a large portion of their business. We constantly oversee our contractors’ work for quality control, responsiveness, and price. We hold our vendors accountable for the work they perform.

    • Handling Emergencies - 24-hour Hotline
      We define emergencies as “life or property threatening problems.” We provide tenants with a 24-hour hotline and have a staff responding 24/7. Most calls are not emergencies but we will respond to them as if they are. This is where trust must come in. We know what an emergency is and how to handle it. You don’t pay KTB Property Management more than you do other managers, but you get a lot more expertise and that will save you money.

    • Pre-Screening Vendors
      We do not use handymen or vendors who work out of the back of their truck. All of our vendors are licensed, bonded, and or insured. We use reliable vendors to enter a tenant occupied house due to the obvious liability issues. All of our vendors have been screened and many are members of the Sacramento Association of Property Management. Screening the vendors is necessary to protect the tenant, KTB, and the owner. We will terminate a vendor if there are any issues regarding slow response time, over pricing, or poor workmanship. At the same time, we maintain a loyal group of vendors who have been handling jobs for KTB Property Management for years.

    • Managing Contractor Response Time
      We encourage the tenants to email us their maintenance situations that way we can respond quicker and more effectively. We control every response so the contractor does not do more than what has been approved. Contractors are our eyes and ears in the field, and partner with us to keep watch on the property. If there is a situation, other than the one they were sent to solve, they alert us, our vendors are proactive. Reliable vendors are a key ingredient to good management.

    • Spending Limits
      You will be notified any time maintenance is required on your property via a phone call or email. If the work to be performed is minor in nature we will not wait for a response. The higher the cost, say over $300.00 the more we need your input, unless it is an emergency. We will always be looking out for your best interest.

    • Managing Normal Maintenance Breakdowns vs. Rehab, Renovation, and Replacements
      KTB Property Management is not a general contractor. We are trained professional property managers. Our management fees cover overseeing normal maintenance breakdowns without extra fees. When there are large jobs for example, new roofs, new siding, a new HVAC unit, or even a remodel, we can assist but there will be an additional fee for the overseeing of the project, normally 15% of the total cost. We will hire the general contractor, a punch-out person, the needed vendors to perform the work correctly and who will oversee materials selection and control quality of construction. We have good contractors available when you need them; just let us know how we can assist.

    • Regular Property Visits
      We will visit and walk the property at least one a year to see how it looks. More if you are involved in the Rental Housing Inspection Program. You get a full photos and a list of issues to be addressed, if there are any.

    • Managing Utilities Between Tenants
      Utility companies are the last to step up to today's technology. There is no faxing, emailing or web site scheduling. It’s all done by phone and it takes a lot of time. We will manage both SMUD and PG&E utilities between tenants for you at no extra cost. But due to the requirements of Sacramento County we require the water, sewer and trash billing be handled by you the owner.

    • Scheduling Maintenance Choices
    • With over 20 years of real estate experience we have learned that some owners think “proactively and preventively” when it comes to maintenance for their investment and others want a “repair-on-demand-only” management program. We have options from which to choose from.

    • When you join KTB Property Management you will have an opportunity to select some “preventative maintenance” items that we will take care of automatically including: Fall and Spring Landscaping cleanup, Fireplace Inspections, Fall and Spring HVAC service, Termite Inspections, Gutter Cleaning, Sprinkler System Service, Major Appliance checkups and Eviction Protection. You can choose none or all of them. You can change them at any time.
  3. How We Manage the Money

    • California Real Estate law governs how real estate brokers and property managers handle other people’s money. We must adhere to a strict set of money handling rules and we don’t have options.

    • Depositing Rent into our Trust Account
      All monies we receive on your behalf are deposited into a trust account. Every property has its own trust account record. We will report and disburse those monies to you monthly along with invoices from contractors, copies of property visits, contractor reports on your property, and newsletters from KTB Property Management.

    • Disbursing to Owners
      We can disburse to you by electronic funds transfer the preferred way or by check. We will notify you by email when your monthly report is ready. That online report will have all the backup, for your permanent records. We also keep our records for four years.

    • Meet with your accountant
      We are not accountants, CPA's or Financial Planners but we understand real estate taxation and a lot about how owning real estate affects your tax return. We know how to maximize the tax benefits of your deductions and we know many professional who can assist you with your needs.

    • Year End Reporting/1099
      Our year-end escrow account report is exactly what your accountant needs to prepare your tax return. The IRS makes us their watchdog for rent collected each year. We are required by federal law to send a 1099 on rents collected on your behalf.

    • We Represent You – Not the Tenant
      We represent you the owner through our Agency Relationship. We can handle in all the interactions; we are under contract with you to do so... Whether we are dealing with Tenants, Credit Bureaus, Process Servers, Judges, Sheriffs, Utility Companies, Insurance Agents, Home Warranty Companies, Appraisers, Fair Housing Authorities, or Homeowners Association Managers, we always represent you.

    • Authorities We Answer to and Trade Associations We Are Members of
      We are members of many organizations that regulate our business and hold us to a high standard of behavior and ethics

    • National Association of Realtors
    • California Association of Realtors
    • Sacramento Association of Realtors
    • Sacramento Multiple Listing Services
    • National Association of Residential Property Managers
    • California Association of Residential Property Managers
    • Sacramento Association of Residential Property Managers
    • Sacramento Rental Housing Association
    • California Apartment Association
    • Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act
    • Federal Lead Based Paint Laws
    • State Flood Disclosure Laws
    • California Fair Housing Laws
    • Federal Discrimination Laws

    • We are a highly regulated industry & we have successfully maintained one of the highest standards in the industry for over 20 years.

What Makes KTB Different From Other Property Managers

Myth: All property managers are about the same.

Truth: If you look a little closer, you'll see that KTB Property Management is very different than other property managers, and these differences have a big effect on our clients.

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What Makes KTB Property Management Different Than Other Property Managers?

The Myth: All property managers are pretty much the same. They lease properties, collect rent, respond to maintenance, handle neighbor complaints, and send monthly statements.

The Truth: KTB Property Management is different than other property managers. These differences pay off big for you.

A closer look will show you how

  1. The Biggest Decision in choosing a Property Manager is: what are they going to do for me and how are they going to protect my investment? With over 20 years of real estate experience and assisting over 750 investors with their portfolios we are in a very good position to assist you with yours. The one major thing you will hear from KTB Property Management is "we are going to tell you what you need to know, not what you want to hear." We represent you as your agent and we will look out for your best interest even if it means upsetting you for a moment. This is a long term relationship and we want you to be every bit as successful as we are in making your investment profitable.

  2. KTB Property Management is associated with Contemporary Information Corporation, a Nationwide Background and Screening Specialists. Not many Sacramento Property Managers can say this plus it is a big benefit to you. Most property managers get their credit reports off the Internet - that's pretty standard. But very few of them do a full blown Nationwide Background Check and Eviction Report. These are critical in obtaining and verifying the best possible tenant for your investment. Few property managers have a system to obtain these types of reports, a benefit to KBT and a bonus for you. The right tenant for your investment.

    • Here’s how this association helps KTB and ultimately you:

      • We obtain the right tenant for the right property. Sometimes we need to ask for a larger security deposit due to a credit issue we know about the issue and can work with the tenant in advance of signing a lease. People make mistakes and many of them are trying to correct them. Those are the tenants we are looking for, proactive responsible tenants.
      • If the tenant leaves owing money, we will go after the tenant with every possible means available to us. Many tenants try to get the manager to apply the security deposit to cover the last month’s rent. We will not do this, their lease states that is not allowed and we go by the lease. This could become an issue, and most property managers have no way to stop it. KTB does! We aggressively go after these tenants with employing legal means. This is powerful; we can affect their credit and their ability to rent another property.

      • Other managers do have this power but it takes time and many just give up when tenants move out owing you money. If we can’t collect it, you don’t get it.

  3. We have partnerships with the many local Real Estate Attorneys.

    • With our involvement with the Sacramento and California Board of Realtors we have access to many of the best Real Estate Attorneys in the state. We have the ability to contact many of these Attorneys with a simple phone call and obtain an answer to our legal concerns.

    • Here are just some of the benefits to you:

      • KTB Property Management has access to over 25 different documents regarding the leasing of your property. All of these documents have been prepared by Attorneys who work for the California Association of Realtors and they are written to protect the owner of the property. Only a Property Management company who is a member of CAR has access to these documents.
      • We attend all local as well as statewide events where legal updates are available to property managers. We know of upcoming legal changes before 95% of all property managers.
      • Our relationships with local Attorneys allow us the ability to just pick up a phone and make a call if the situation develops and we need to act quickly. It's your investment and we are here to protect it.

  4. KTB’s available Rentals are marketed throughout Sacramento via Multiple Listing meetings and committee functions.

    • Most local property managers do not attend the Local Multiple Listing meetings due to the fact it is time consuming, expensive to be a member and a bit of a hassle from time to time. Over 6,000 area agents are at some time looking for a rental property for their client. The Sacramento Multiple Listing Service does not provide a list of rentals so these agents turn to and rely on us.

    • Here is how this helps KTB lease your house:
      • Area real estate agents know KTB Property Management and look to them for assistance.
      • We pay a referral fee to our fellow Realtors. Cooperating with area agents is very productive.
      • We also get tenant referrals every day from other agents because we are out there shaking hands and networking.
      • Most property managers don’t even let area agents show their listings. We are one of the few Property Managers who will allow Realtors to assist in leasing your investment.

  5. Over Twenty (20) Years of Real Estate Experience

    • We are always learning! We attend local, State and National events to obtain the latest and greatest information which we can then apply to your investment. Book math is good but so is actual hands-on day-to-day experience. We have seen things from major break-ins, to pot farms, to homes which needed to stripped to the studs and rebuilt. At the same time in those 20 plus years we have had numerous quality tenants. We have learned what to look for and how to obtain the best tenant possible. You pay KTB Property Management no more that you do other managers in the Sacramento region, but you will get a lot more experience, and that means more protection for you and your investment.

  6. Academic Achievements

    • KTB Property Management and is principals have earned numerous designations and accreditations from the Real Estate and Property Management Industries. Many property managers see their business as a sideline to doing Real Estate Sales, which is fine. We see it as a real estate profession and have used our time to get the education, training, and the working knowledge to perform the management of your investment correctly. Only one person will suffer with a Property Manager who has little to no education, you.

      • We have earned our Residential Management Professionals (RMP) Designation. This designation usually takes 3 to 4 years of study and hard work (there are less than 200 in the country).
      • We have earned our Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) Designation. This designation will take over 3 years of study and experience to obtain (Less than 5% of all Realtor in the country has this designation).
      • We are also Graduates of the Realtor Institute. Again numerous years of study and experience is needed to be a graduate of the Institute..
      • Bob Thomas the Owner of KTB is a California Real Estate Broker. Passing the exam on the first attempt.
      • We pride ourselves on our level of education and knowledge of the industry. Our education and expertise places KTB Property Management in the top 1% of all Property Managers nationwide.
      • The principals of KTB Property Management also own many rental properties throughout the state, making the company sensitive to the issues investors are concerned about.

    • It’s one thing to say, “We manage rental property.” There are a lot of property managers who will say that. It’s quite another to have an organization with the above list of accreditations looking out for your investment. This is what you get with KTB Property Management. Sure you can have it done for less but remember it’s your investment why not get what you pay for!

There are many other things that make KTB Property Management different from other property management organizations; time and space prohibit a complete list. But remember we are striving for Excellence in Property Management through Integrity in Service.

Some Important Issues When Selecting a Property Manager

Knowing what questions to ask will help you choose the right property manager for you.

We Know the Sacramento Area

Knowing the area and being in Property Management for over 20 years gives KTB Property Management an advantage in Sacramento.

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