Rental Licensing

Rental Licensing

May 26, 2021  |  from the professional blog of KTB Property Management


Licensing and Inspection Requirements

Throughout the greater Sacramento region there are numerous Licensing and Registration of Rental Property requirements. Nearly every municipalities, and even Sacramento County, has some sort of rental licensing requirement/registration which involves an application, paying a rental license fee and/or Rental Inspection service fee. In addition to this, each of the municipalities inspect your property for Health and safety compliance. 

The inspection fees, when performed by the Municipality, can range from $225 to $321 per inspection. Fortunately, KTB Property Management is Certified by both the City and County of Sacramento (along with other cities) to perform the inspection on their behalf at a greatly reduced fee. We even assist with the preliminary inspections to make sure everything is good from the very beginning. 

To assist you with the process we have attached the registration forms for the City and County of Sacramento found at the end of our PDF "Everyday Investor Solutions" This includes the actual Inspection Forms used by the municipalities.

It is very important to register your property; the fines are steep and very few slip through the cracks.

Here is a list of website links where you can register the property online.

City Sites for RegisteringProperties

City of Citrus Heights 

City of Sacramento

City of Folsom 

City of Elk Grove 

City of Rancho Cordova 

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