How to Handle Maintenance & Repairs for your Sacramento Rental Home



Today we are talking about repairs and maintenance at your rental property. As property managers, we are always mindful of the fact that we are talking about your property, not the tenant’s property. 

When a tenant calls in with a maintenance request, we will take that request over the phone. However, we also encourage our tenants to email us the request. The nature of our technology allows us to respond faster when an email is sent. If we happen to be out of the office, we can receive that email wherever we are and take action immediately to get the problem corrected. 

Our next step is to contact one of our vendors. All of the professionals we work with are insured and licensed by the State of California. We work with the same companies we have used for three, five and even 10 years. They don’t just work with us; they work with a lot of local property management companies. They are reliable and well respected in the community. They have seen just about everything, and they know how to fix all the issues at your property for a fair price. 

The vendors submit an invoice to us, which we send to you with your monthly statement. You’ll see the work order and the invoice so you know everything that’s happening throughout the process.

When something major occurs, such as a gutter coming loose, we take photographs of the damage or the issue so you know what’s going on and what kind of work will be required. Any time the repairs are over $300, we involve you immediately. For example, if a dishwasher breaks and we need to replace it, we get your approval first. Then we find a vendor who will do a great job of taking out the current dishwasher and installing a new one. 

Here’s how it works with us at KTB: when a tenant contacts us about a problem with the microwave, we draw up the work order and send it to a contractor who can do the work. We won’t send a contractor to take care of something easy, like a running toilet. We also work with handymen who can take care of such issues for half the price. We’ll pay whatever fee is charged, and email all that information to you. Finally, we’ll follow up with the tenants to make sure they are happy with the work that was completed. We always ask for comments from tenants because we don’t want them to hesitate to call us if there is a problem at the property We have a good track record with our tenants, and we want to have the same professional relationship with you. 

If you have any questions about maintenance or repairs, please contact us at KTB Property Management, and we’ll be happy to help you.


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