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How to Handle Evictions – Sacramento Property Management Education

Bob Thomas - Friday, February 27, 2015

We’re talking today about evictions and that dreaded tenant who isn’t paying rent. At KTB Property Management, we are proud to say that we have not had to go to court to evict a tenant that we placed in over six years. That’s not to say we haven’t gone to court; we help owners all the time who need assistance evicting a tenant, and we’d be happy to help you too. However, our thorough screening process has ensured we don’t have to evict our own tenants.

When you need to go to court, you want to make sure your documentation is right from the very beginning. That starts with posting the correct notice on the tenant’s door. You’ll have to post a 3 Day Notice to Pay or Quit. You want to make sure it has all the right information written on it. You have to instruct the tenant where the rent is to be paid, what time it should be paid and to whom it should be delivered. All of this documentation is essential.   

These details require someone who understands the eviction process and the legal requirements. You should also have realistic timelines. People often hear that it takes three, four or even six months to evict a tenant. Actually, it depends. We can usually get a legal tenant out of a property within about 45 days. If it’s someone who acquired the property illegally, it can take a little longer, maybe three or four months. We can help with any situation.

Once we have an eviction, we’ll have the sheriff remove the tenants if need be. After the tenant is out, money might need to be collected. We have legal counsel that helps with collections and we ensure owners get the maximum amount possible. That means not settling for just 50 cents on the dollar, but 70 or 75 cents on the dollar.

You may ask why we don’t go to court at KTB. Our screening process is very careful. Tenants have to meet credit and income requirements, which include demonstrating they earn at least three times the rental amount. Only qualified individuals are approved to rent from us. We want responsible members of the community who will pay rent on time and care for your home.  

If you want to hear more about the eviction process, please contact us at KTB Property Management, and we’d be happy to help you.

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